The Spook Who Sat by the Door Online Discussion



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Discussion Topic One:

Dan Freeman, the spook who literally sat by the CIA’s door in Sam Greenlee’s 1969 novel, puts the “movement” in the Black Liberation Movement when he uses his spy training with the intelligence agency to train and deploy an urban guerilla force made up of the members of some of Chicago’s most notorious street gangs.

Forty years later, though, the Black Liberation Movement has fallen out of vogue in our time when the spotlight was shined on comments made by President Obama’s former minister, Jeremiah Wright.

Dan Freeman’s world was one of overt and covert racism and discrimination, perhaps justifying some of the vitriol heaped upon white characters in Greenlee’s satire. Is there still an air of racism and discrimination that would necessitate a modern day Black Liberation Movement? Would an active modern-day BLM require political and/or non-violent action? Is there smoldering violence just beneath the surface of everyday black experience that is just waiting for a riot to set it loose? Are there other racial and ethnic groups besides African Americans that may be preparing their own “freedom fighters” force?