The Dark Knight Returns – Graphic Novel Discussion

dark_knight_returnsIt’s Graphic Novel time at Salinas Public Library…  now featuring Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

First appearing in the mid-1980s, this graphic novel continues the Batman story with dark themes and adult-oriented style. The  non-stop action and plot twists will keep you hooked to the end.

To learn more about this addition to Batman saga go check out this Wikipedia article.

You can also check this book out at the Salinas Public Library!  Click HERE for availability.


  • What is the appeal of the Batman character?  Clearly, he is disturbed and solitary, are these traits that people relate to?
  • If you have seen the movie The Dark Knight, can you separate the Joker character from the image of Heath Ledger?  How do you think the next movie will treat this character considering Ledger’s tragic death?
  • Have the superhero stories become generally darker, that is, more disturbing?  And if so, are recent popular graphic novels a reflection of our society?

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2 Responses to “The Dark Knight Returns – Graphic Novel Discussion”

  1. vaporetto Says:

    last week i went to the smaller library on north main street to see what was up with the book discussion on jimmy corrigan and the place was almost deserted there was a guy in a dark plaid shirt and a tastefully matching figured tie sitting at a table piled with books and notes and a sign that said lets talk about graphic novels but no one else seemed to be interested he got up and walked around asking people to join him in a rousing discussion about an emotionally atrophied thirty six year old loser who was the star of a novel length cartoon no one joined in and i took off now we have this another cartoon only this time the cartoon was made into a movie that wasnt a cartoon and the original dark knight returns was written over twenty years ago where do we go from here

  2. Samurai Bibliographer Says:

    What our friend who floats around the canals of Venice seems to have missed when looking at the radar screen is the big blip caused by the graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid in the World. That book is a masterpiece and was chosen for discussion because of its high stature in a highly competitive field. Same thing with Batman: the Dark Knight Returns. When it was first issued, in four separate parts in 1986, the original comic caused a sensation because of its daring evocation–not to say confrontation–of current issues and affairs. There were deft as well as clumsy jabs at elements of the popular culture of the times in addition to politics. Where do we go from here? Back to the text. It tells you everything you need to know to make an interpretation. My suggestion? Read, reflect, respond. Have another look, think hard, and start typing like mad.

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